7 thoughts on “Pamela Dalton: Giving Thanks

  1. I’ll go first 🙂

    It was lovely to talk with Pamela on the phone. I’m so thankful she took the time to share her words with me, and even more thankful that she shares her beautiful art with all of us. She told me to savor every moment with my children. I was out camping at El Capitan State Beach when we spoke. Deer, and quail, and woodpeckers, and my kids were sneaking all around me, whispering in the background, and for them, I am most grateful.

  2. As a librarian who reads stories and poems to children every week, I have come to value fresh approaches to familiar and seasonal subjects. Pamela’s imaginative and striking paper-cut illustrations offer something both original and traditional…just the sort of thing I would like to show the children I see each Monday.
    Thanks for sharing this fun interview!

  3. Well, Pauline, that was some stiff competition!

    Clearly you were meant to have it and it couldn’t go to a lovelier librarian. Giving thanks for lovely librarians everywhere today!

  4. Drat, got this too late to enter the contest, but as an animal lover (and book author about this favorite topic), I must check out these books. I adore Scherenschnitte, and now thanks to an artist friend I can even pronounce it:-)

  5. Next time, Nancy!

    It’s SUCH a beautiful book… you just might have to buy it.

    But another interview and book giveaway is going up on December 2. Good luck!!

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