13 thoughts on “Terry Pierce: Blackberry Banquet

  1. Thank you for the fun interview, Robin. The page you showed is also my favorite page in the story too! And as a former Montessori teacher, I love that you’ve incorporated the Division Board with my book. What a great idea! I’m sure children will enjoy it :-).

  2. Oooh, Terry! I had no idea you taught Montessori! I’m blown away by the Montessori approach to math. I think everyone should know about it!

  3. Storyboarding is a great way to get any story, rhyme or prose, into the right pace and length for a picture book. I love the puzzle of writing in rhyme and I would love to read BLACKBERRY BANQUET!

  4. Thanks for the interview, Robin and Terry. I love the lines from Blackberry Bouquet.

    I use that as one of my methods for writing in rhyme, too, Terry. I take an existing verse and write it with my own subject! Then, of course, comes the tweaking 🙂

    I am now following your blog, Robin. I look forward to future posts.

    • So true, Cathy, writing in rhyme can be mental puzzling (or mental acrobatics at times). Penny, I once had to do a syllable by syllable rewrite of a poem in a foreign language I didn’t speak. What a challenge that was!

  5. Thanks for an informative interview! Rhymes look so easy but when you try to do one yourself you realize exactly what Terry means – it’s so easy to get off-topic! I now have a two year old nephew and I love to read stories to him where the text rhymes! It is fun for adults too! My favorite growing up were Calvin and Hobbes poems! Look forward to reading Blackberry Banquets — I confess though that my first thought went to my old blackberry at work! Sigh! Time to switch out of that mode and into the wonderful world of childhood!

  6. I’m also looking forward to reading “Blackberry Banquets”–thanks for the illuminating interview! All of my books are in prose, but I’m working on one in rhyme and it’s a real challenge. I do read aloud my manuscripts prior to submitting to catch the “clunkers” but never while walking–I must try that fun technique!

    • Thank you, Nancy. And yes! Try walking while reading your work aloud. It really does take this important revision test to another level!

  7. Happy almost New Year, everyone! I’m about to conk out and will never make it to midnight 🙂 I’ll be posting our winners tomorrow… sometime in the afternoon while my little one naps. Good luck!

  8. Well, he didn’t nap, the beautiful stinker, but the show must go on! Nancy and Cathy, you both won signed copies of BLACKBERRY BANQUET! I’ll be emailing you soon with details. Hurrah!

  9. Hurrah! Hurrah! Thank you Robin and Terry!

    Wishing you happy reading and writing in 2014!

  10. Hello mate great blog postt

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