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Instagram Live


Hey, distance learners! Everyday at 1:30 pm PST I’ll be reading from OWL’S OUTSTANDING DONUTS, answering questions, and doing show and tell on Instagram live.

Static videos will be available here! Email me for your teacher password: robin@blueeggbooks.com!

I’ll share something new and interesting everyday! It could be a pet, a specimen from the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, or a favorite book.

Monday, March 23: The Strawberry Iced Classic

Tuesday, March 24:  The Banana Slug Bar

Wednesday, March 25: The Chocolate Rainbow

Thursday, March 26: The Turkey Talon

Friday, March 27: The Golden Galaxy

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OWL’S OUTSTANDING DONUTS is a perfect fit for young fans of cozy and quirky mysteries. It’s sweet, odd, and uplifting!

See you on Insta!

❤ Robin


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Inspiration is a Hoot!


Last month the Mixed Up Files posted a fun interview all about my inspiration, my obsession with owls, and my love of the natural world.

I gave them a backstage tour of one of my favorite places at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History–the Nature Collection!

It was a hoot!



Barnes & Noble



Lerner Books


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A Secret Scene…


Now that Mattie and my eco-crime fighting owl Alfred are officially out in the wilds of libraries and bookstores, I’m in the mood for donuts. LOTS OF DONUTS!

I’ve written a secret scene about a very special donut. You can unlock the scene in several ways:

  1. Tweet a donut picture or gif to @RobinYardi, please do indulge!
  2. Tweet a picture of the cover of OWL’S OUTSTANDING DONUTS on a wild bookshelf!
  3. Follow my blog and comment here, and please DO tell me your favorite flavor!!

A perfectly baked PDF can be delivered to greedy readers via DM or email!

Happy reading & happy eating!


This Cover is a Hoot!

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The cover of OWL’S OUTSTANDING DONUTS is officially out in the wild today and let’s just say I think it’s an absolute hoot!

The cover designer, Emily Harris, and illustrator, Kelsey King, are over on the Lerner Books Blog answering questions about their creative process. Fly on over and check it out!

But before you do, Alfred wants to make sure you see something. Something suspicious. Something in Big Sur. And it’s happening right across the road from OWL’S OUTSTANDING DONUTS…




And now that Alfred’s got your attention, you’re absolutely going to need to pre-order my new middle grade mystery. Kirkus says, “Doughn’t miss this earnest tale.”


Pre-order OWL’S OUTSTANDING DONUTS at Barnes & Noble!

Pre-order OWL’S OUTSTANDING DONUTS through IndieBound!

Pre-order OWL’S OUTSTANDING DONUTS through Lerner Books!

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Pre-order Alert!!




Owl’s Outstanding Donuts won’t be out until September 3, but you can pre-order a copy through your local bookstore on IndieBound.org!!

OWL’S OUTSTANDING DONUTS is “a story full of mystery, feathers, and sprinkles. After Mattie Waters loses her mother, she goes to live with her aunt, the owner of a roadside donut shop in Big Sur, California. When an owl taps on Mattie’s window one night, Mattie looks out to see something suspicious taking place nearby. With help from her friends–and from Alfred, a stuffy but good-hearted owl–she’ll set out to find the culprits, facing fears that have followed her since her mother’s death.”

I can’t wait for you all to meet Mattie and Alfred and would love to support our beautiful, local, brick and mortar bookstores!IndieBound

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Tons of kid lit authors will be offering free Skype visits on February 1st. We will be reading to schools across the globe. Visit Kate Messner’s author site for a complete list of participating authors.

On WRAD I’ll be reading from my books, giving sneak peaks into new projects, and recommending some of my favorite titles from other authors. And I’ll always answer student questions! If you would like to schedule a Skype visit just send me an email after checking my availability listed below: robin@blueeggbooks.com.


THEY JUST KNOW: ANIMAL INSTINCTS would be a great choice for lower elementary classes. To read a sample, PEEK HERE!

THE MIDNIGHT WAR OF MATEO MARTINEZ would work best for grades 2-6. To read the first chapter, PEEK HERE!

OWL’S OUTSTANDING DONUTS (Coming Fall/2019) would be a fabulous choice for classes that don’t mind a pretty long cliffhanger!

WILD CARD – I have shelves full of favorite books, written by other amazing authors, from picture books to middle grade novels that I’m always excited to share.

My current availability is listed below. If Friday gets filled, or another day would work better, I’m happy to schedule something with your class at another time. Happy reading!

[All availability is listed in Pacific Standard Time]

Tuesday, January 29th

10:05 AM: BOOKED, Mechanicsville, MD

10:45 AM: BOOKED, Roebuck, SC


Thursday, January 31st

8:30 AM: BOOKED, Mesquite, TX

10:05 AM: BOOKED, Mechanicsville, MD

10:55 AM: BOOKED, Mechanicsville, MD

11:30 AM: BOOKED, Mundelein, IL

12:00 PM: BOOKED, El Paso, TX


Friday, February 1st

5:20: AM: BOOKED, Newark, NJ

6:30 AM: BOOKED, Wakefield, KS

7:00 AM: BOOKED, Jacksonville, FL

8:30 AM: BOOKED, Royal Oak, MI


9:30 AM: BOOKED, South Windsor, CT

10:00 AM: BOOKED, Tucson, AZ

11:00 AM: BOOKED, Morgan Hill, CA

11:30 AM: BOOKED, Thompson, Manitoba