Robin Yardi

School & Library Visits

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In person school visits and author workshops!

I’d love to connect with your school, library, or community event on the web or in person. I’ll absolutely come with fun visuals, museum specimens, and books, books, books! I’m a credentialed teacher and natural history museum educator and whether your audience is filled with kids, writers, or parents, I’ll make them laugh and teach them something new. To book an event for the 2018-2019 school year contact me:! Download my School Visit PDF!

A Full Day With Robin Includes

The Sneaky Stinky Ideas Assembly, Grades 3-6 (40 minutes)

The Sneaky Stinky Ideas Assembly, Grades k-2 (20 minutes)

Five Classroom Q&A Sessions, Grades k-6 (15 minutes each)

Two Small Group Writing Workshops, Grades 3-6 (40 minutes)

Sneaky Stinky Ideas Assembly

My interactive assembly takes students through every step of the writing process. We’ll start with the sneaky magic of inspiration, which can come in the flap of a butterfly, the stink of a skunk, or the hoot of an owl. I’ll make sure students learn how to catch their ideas before they can sneak past–write them down! I’ll cover outlining, rough drafts, and revision. I’ll groan with students about how hard writing can be, but remind them that the things we are most proud of… are hard. I always share weird animal photos, my love of reading and the natural world, and invite student participation in appropriate ways.

Small Group Afternoon Workshops

Creating Characters: I’ll share my secret recipe for cooking up compelling kid characters and get students started on their own creative writing.

What’s on Your Shield: Students will create their own knightly coat of arms to represent what they value most, whether that’s a funny best friend, a loving family, their beloved pet, or all of the above!

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How do kids leave one of my assemblies?

Sssssingle file and take a right at the snake… or maybe the skunk!